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  • 02.-09.01.2021
  • Mezzana, Italija
In addition to family skiing, we also organize Teens skiing for children from 15 to 19 years. The program is intended for children who will go skiing without their parents on their own, as well as for children whose parents will go family skiing with us.

The teens period is a period characterized by a slow transition from the world of children to the world of adults. During this period, there is a mental maturation and crystallization of attitudes and opinions. During this period, self-esteem, trust, independence and personality develop in particular. It is the part of growing up in which children gradually take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and begin to make partially independent decisions. It is our job to help them do that, but with a dose of guidance, guidance and control.

It’s also a period when you can’t just just let them go on your own, and yet you have to. They would ski with you, and yet they would rather be with company. They don’t want to go to school because they know everything, and they wouldn’t sleep because they don’t need to.

In that direction for you and for them a skiing program in which children will ski with the leader, partly independently, learn to navigate the map, try some free style techniques, try snowboarding, correct each other, cook, dry their things, wash dishes, make your own bed as at home and make a fun movie about it all. Some of them may have ambitions to take a course for a ski teacher, so we will work on that part as well.

Program includes:

  • transport
  • melas with basic cooking school
  • ski pass
  • insurance
  • accommodation in apartments
  • supervision 0/24.


Kids born after 30.11.2003  – 4.100 kn per person
Kids born before 30.11.2003     – 4.450 kn per person

Registration link:

Link za prijavu: Teens Mezzana 2021

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